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spook houses is dave benton, colin alexander, andrew wade, and alkis meimaris.


released April 1, 2011

recorded by dave benton in ridgewood, nj
mixed and mastered by mike ditrio in purchase, ny
art by colin alexander

thanks to dan sohval, nick corbo, and bob raymonda who have played many times in various incarnations of the band. also thanks to the 3g network, the wade household, the friends, the families. © 2011 SPOOK HOUSES



all rights reserved


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SPOOK HOUSES Ridgewood, New Jersey


We are trying our best all the time.

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Track Name: Home
a home is a home and i know where i am, i found all the dirt and i loved all the land; i burrowed deep and i burrowed hard, i know that a home is a good place to start. it's alright, it's ok to stay at home.

a dream's a dream and this world's a hoax, don't try to explain just let those limbs soak; the warmth's inside what's caught in the hem, those words can't describe, there's a magic in them. it's ok, it's alright to stay at home.

a home is a home and i know where i am, i found all the dirt and i loved all the land; i burrowed deep and i burrowed hard, i know that a home is a good place to start.

to be stationary and be patient as trees, that is something that i can believe; i can be conscious and i'll be aware, everything's familiar to the mountains and the air.

coyote at night will fake all his pride, howl at the moon and roll back like a tide; back to the earth he knows he will return, he is happy to stay where things are familiar.
Track Name: Turn Twice
shit, i'm tired so turn me around; i can't sleep worth a shiny nickel if i had one. i know this hard road strains my bones, but i'm not much of a man am i? looks like my uncle pinned me right, because look who's out the door, sorry, stupid, looking sore.

drive by cemetery night
close both of my eyes
turn twice
then drive

look out on the hill where this country was built.
Track Name: Old Bones
i am a dog and i am so tired of feeling sick and small and always saying goodbye; i'm scared i'm growing cold and i know i'm growing old, i've found it so easy to wait to be told.

make a new home
you can't dig up old bones when there's nowhere to go.

make a new home
you can't expect to grow until you abandon all you know.
Track Name: Walking At Night
while walking home late at night, when the moon is shining bright i swear that i could live alone. i think of sarcasm and sigh at the selfish thought that i should go grow food on my own.

but the cold air it excites, and i know tomorrow night i'll just want to see my good friends. we'll bullshit and kill time and listen to wind chimes and ignore the holes we should mend.

the warmth is so nice when the air fills with ice. all that i know is it's nice to walk familiar roads.

standing, staring, i am cold, i'm so cold, i am still. staring, standing still.